Thursday, March 3, 2011

My Digital Art Store is now open

This is just a quick message to let you know that I've been updating and I've finally opened my Digital Art store. Things are small and humble at the moment, like a line from a Shakira song, but over time, the amount of artwork will grow. Also, as I recover older artwork, I'll be making it available for sale again just in case you missed it the first time.
But to start things off, the first set that I have for sale is the following and you can purchase it buy clicking on the Digital Art Store link to the right on this page:

Vlad from Hack/Slash

I think I may have mentioned it before, but I'm back in school studying 3D Animation (specifically with Maya, Mudbox and ZBrush) which has been a goal of mine for many years now. This is a 3D sculpt I did of Vlad (without his mask) from the comic Hack/Slash using Maya and Mudbox.
Not to fear, I still do pinup art and I'll be posting new stuff soon.

Mercy test renders

This is my first 3D character model. She's not fully rigged, nor does she have any blend shapes for facial expressions yet but she will in a couple of weeks as I learn how to do them. I strayed away from my initial concept in a few places because there were things that looked sort of plain when they were drawn on paper, but once you got a 3D textured version, they looked so much better. In this case, it was the boots. I originally wanted over-sized Doc Martin combat boots, but when I drew them, they just didn't 'pop'. So I changed the concept to these Iron Man-esque armoured boots that looked alright on paper, but in actuality, were just really cheesy and looked like something from a 90's comic. So I found a cool pair of motorcycle boots online and took the extra effort to sculpt them (because in all honesty, the Iron Man boots were really easy to create and texture). I also ended up giving her a lot more layers than the initial design because I like the idea of her wearing lots of 'found' items.
And in case you didn't read the description from my old post on the initial designs, her name is Mercy and personality-wise, she's pretty much a cross between Harley Quinn and Pris from Blade Runner. She's a faerie psychopath that had her wings removed as punishment for her crimes (she has a tattoo them on her back) and she travels with a mechanical teddy bear that has a flamethrower for a hand.

Zombies Vs Cheerleaders: Hack/Slash Edition

The steps involved in the creation of a comic cover...
First, the editor sends you a written description of what they specifically want on the cover. In this case, they wanted Cassie Hack in the ZvC cheerleader outfit writing 'I will not hack and slash in class', which is a little joke because this is a crossover comic with Hack/Slash. So, the first step for me was to thumbnail out a design for the cover layout . Concept was approved after making one small tweek to the pose (Cassie needed to be looking back at the reader). Second step was to pencil out the cover on 11"x17" comic board. Then I scan everything into the computer and 'digitally' ink the artwork (third image). This gets sent back to the editor for another look - everything is great so proceed to the colours. Colours and effects (forth image) are done in Photoshop and the hi-res copy is sent off to the comic company for printing.
This comic comes out in May and my cover is a limited edition print run (20% of the total 

printing) so it may be hard to find.